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RCT Staff Annoucement

Rockchalktalk_mediumWhen we made the annoucement that Grad would be joining RCT almost two months ago I said that if anyone else was interested in taking on some RCT writing duties to email me and we could talk.  To my surprise someone read that and I had a response from an individual here who's been a fairly active member of the community for a while now and after a few emails back and forth it definitely seemed like an opportunity worth pursuing. 

With that please welcome to the RCT staff one PenHawk, soon to be "David P." as soon as I can push the name change through.  David has been registered with RCT since August of 2010 just before the "season to forget".  Since that time he's been here early and often and as he told me in his email, he likes to write, that seems important here right?  David isn't a journalist, he doesn't fancy himself the "next Andrew Clark or Brian Williams", but he enjoys writing and if his solid debating skills in the comments section are any indication he should bring some strong arguments and valid perspective to the table.  Plus he's a Kansas football fan first which is where he figures to work into the rotation. 

It's another solid addition to the ever fluid team of RCT'ers keeping this place alive and well.  A big welcome to David and I'm looking forward to having the expanded efforts from all the "newbies" in the football arena come fall.  Hopefully we can beef up the varying opinions and discussion on the football side of things to match up with what we've been able to do with basketball through Warden and Fetch. 

Just like last time I'll say that  if you have a suggestion for something you'd be interested in learning more about please let us know.  Questions, comments, concerns, shoot me an email and if there is anyone else interested in contributing further in some capacity, please feel free to shoot me an email and let's chat.