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DeAndre Daniels Announcement Today?

Update: Maybe tomorrow wasn't really today but it was actually tomorrow.  No news...I give up.

Well this has been the recruitment that never ends and the longer it goes the more it appears Daniels might end up right where he started and that's with the Texas Longhorns

No doubt Daniels would step in immediately with either Kansas or Texas and in the instance of the Jayhawks he would be a key ingredient adding to a corps of talent that includes Thomas Robinson, Tyshawn Taylor and Elijah Johnson.  But should today come and go with either no announcement or a declaration in favor of the Longhorns then Kansas will still be positioned to defend their Big 12 title, but it could be a little more difficult.

When exactly this DeAndre Daniels announcement arrives is a bit uncertain but it is said to be on the way this morning.  One Big 12 team will improve their chances of winning the league in a down year, the other will find themselves without a player that could certainly help given all the turnover around the league.

It's tough to say who needs it more between Kansas and Texas as both will surely compete for the league either way, but it never hurts to have talent and it certainly helps to add depth.