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Jamari Traylor Signs With Bill Self And Kansas

After the news that Trevor Lacey is staying at home and attending Alabama, Kansas fans could use some good news and it looks like we have some.  IMG Academy's website as well as others are reporting that Jamari Traylor has committed to the Kansas Jayhawks.

Traylor is a 6'7" power forward out of the Chicago area and he has spent the last year at IMG academy.  He is viewed as very raw with great athleticism and some upside when looking toward the future.   Director of IMG academy Andy Borman commented on Traylor.

"He is the type of player that plays bigger than his 6-7 frame because he gets off the ground so quickly and plays at the top of the block, Jamari's a great kid with great character and will give a tremendous boost to any program."

No question that this isn't necessarily a "homerun" signing but Danny Manning has proven he can do great things with athletic bigs and Traylor is viewed by many as a more polished product than current Kansas signee Braedon Anderson.  Traylor is important because he provides much needed depth on the interior.  Kansas will be young and inexperienced but this at least assures that they will have a handful of bodies to throw at people next fall.