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Kansas Jayhawk News and Notes 5.18.11

Big Day In terms of recruiting.  What unfolds between now and the end of the day will play a tremendous role in the Jayhawks hopes of securing an eighth straight Big 12 conference title.  Bill Self has been great over the years, today could be one of those days where he earns that reputation.

Kansas Basketball

Bill Self not interested in coaching in NBA right now |
Well that's reassuring. I suppose if OKC keeps on winning and the Spurs replace their coach with another longterm guy...we might dodge it altogether.

Recruits DeAndre Daniels, Jamari Traylor and Trevor Lacey to pick schools Wednesday |
Pull up a chair and hit that refresh button, we need some wins here today

DeAndre Daniels to Announce Wednesday |
Looks like we will have two announcements today. Lacey's was set, Daniels seems up in the air. Indications seem to be that Texas may be the place but either way it sounds like we will have an answer. Of course lost in all this is Jamari Traylor who will also be announcing and his final visit was to Kansas.

Elsewhere in the State

Dalonte Hill leaving K-State for Mark Turgeon's Maryland staff | Wichita Eagle
Depends who you talk to, some K-State fans view this as a positive. At the same time you don't pay the guy more than any assistant in the country if you don't think he brings value and K-State fans cheered that move when it happened in Manhattan.