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Inside KU Football: The QB Conundrum

To no one's surprise, the latest KU depth chart features "Jordan Webb OR Quinn Mecham" listed at QB, meaning that once again KU will have an open quarterback competition heading into the fall. While there is nothing wrong with some healthy competition, I wonder how the coaching staff is going about in determining who should be the starter, and how that resonates in practice.

The KU QB situation is on the verge of being extremely crowded. While Webb and Mecham are the two battling for a starting spot at the moment, Blake Jablonski has shown that he might make a splash, and KU brings in two talented recruits at the position this fall.

Therefore, KU finds itself in an interesting conundrum regarding the QB competition. Should KU pick a guy and give him most of the practice time with the first team office? Should KU continue to mix in equal snaps with the first team offense for Webb and Mecham? Should guys like Jablonski and Berglund be given an equal shot? Let's dive into the three theories:

Pick a Guy and Stick to Him

The staff has had plenty of time to make a decision, and has a year of film on Webb and Mecham. It is time to pick the starter and see what happens. An offense needs time to gel, a guy to rally around, and a QB who is as ready as he can possibly be. The staff needs to pick their guy and prepare him to be as ready as possible. We MUST get better play from the QB position this fall and this might be one way to ensure that happens.

Split First Team Snaps between Webb and Mecham

Having two quarterbacks ready to play has its advantages. Should one guy struggle or get hurt, the other is ready to jump in and keep the offense producing (or whatever it is we are doing on offense). Both are still getting a lot of solid practice time, and both have experience. Plus, Jablonski is inexperienced and what are the odds Berglund is ready to go as a true freshman? Make it a two man race and see what happens in the fall.

A truly open QB competition

Let everyone have a lot of experience with the first team offense. Gill and co showed last year that they weren't the best evaluators of who should be playing and who shouldn't be. Maybe Jablonski really is the best guy. Maybe Berglund will step in and be better than everyone. Only one way to find out, right? Plus Webb and Mecham played last year and have plenty of seasoning. Let everyone have their shot. Plus, we went through three QBs last year, four guys in 2004, three in 2005, etc. You can never have too many guys ready to go, especially at KU.

What do you think, loyal readers of Rock Chalk Talk?