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Kansas Jayhawk News and Notes 5.11.10

Kansas Football

Back on the line: Offensive lineman Spikes matures through injury |
A little football talk for the day

Kansas Basketball

Jeff Withey, Thomas Robinson putting on pounds |
Withey is going to be key to next season's success

Turgeon Follow up

Turgeon the safe, but not the right, hire for Maryland - NCAA Basketball - Sporting News
You know, I'm pretty sure folks have been doubting Turgeon for years. Here's hoping he can prove another one wrong.

Turgeon's move really isn't that surprising
Tully, now with Fox Houston talks about the Turgeon move

Realignment not new talk, old blame games.

Missouri governor spurred Buffs' move - College Football Nation Blog - ESPN
Colorado AD blaming Missouri for the shakeup in the Big 12. Nebraska has made similar statements. So I guess it's just another reason to hate Mizzou. They thought they were Big 12 bound, got cocky, talked ish on their current league and then others received the invite instead.