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Kansas Football Releases "Pre" Spring Depth Chart

We're about four workouts in at this point in terms of Kansas' Spring football season and last night the KUAD released the "pre" Spring depth chart.  More or less this serves as a starting point with a post spring depth chart probably carrying more weight.  Nonetheless it's interesting to look at.


LT - Jeff Spikes, Gavin Howard     LG - Trevor Marrongelli, Tom Mabry     C - Jeremiah Hatch

RG - Duane Zlatnik, Randall Dent    RT - Tanner Hawkinson, Michael Martinovich

TE - Tim Biere, Ted McNulty/AJ Steward     X - Christian Matthews, Erick McGriff

H - Daymond Patterson, Kale Pick    Z - Chris Omigie, DJ Beshears     FB - Nick Sizemore

TB - James Sims, Deshaun Sands    QB - Jordan Webb/Quinn Mecham

Injured - Riley Spencer, Rell Lewis


DE - Toben Opurum, Tyrone Sellers     DT - Pat Dorsey, John WIlliams     DT - Richard Johnson, Kevin Young

DE - Keba Agostino     SLB - Steven Johnson, Prinz Kande     MLB - Steve Mestan, Darius Willis

WLB - Huldon Tharp, Chea Peterman     NB - None     FC - Tyler Patmon     SS - Bradley McDougald, Ray Mitchell

FS - Keeston Terry/Lubbock Smith     BC - Greg Brown, Anthony Davis

Injured - Isiah Barfield

A few things catch the eye on this early on:

  • As mentioned yesterday Jeff Spikes at LT and Hawk at RT.  Also note the switch of sides between Zlatnik and Marrongelli.
  • The player pairings at receiver certainly vary.  Omigie and Beshears aren't exactly the same player.  Also surprising to see Beshears at the two spot based on his importance a year ago.  Probably a message of some sort.
  • SIzemore grabbing the FB spot.
  • Sims as the one at TB is expected. Sands at the two for the moment, but can he hold on to that with the increased competition.
  • Webb/Mecham even headed into Spring.
  • End looks thin again based on the depth chart, but it's also a position with two players in Toben and Keba that showed tremendous upside.
  • Kande on the two deep at linebacker.
  • Mestan ahead of Willis.  Mestan was supposedly in the mix last year as well.  Is this the real deal or forcing Willis to earn the spot through competition.
  • A true 4-3 as opposed to the nickel look we've been used to of late.
  • Lubbock Smith still at FS although rumors swirl that he will be working in at LB as well.
  • Good competition in the defensive backfield.