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Kansas Jayhawk News and Notes 4.7.11

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Kansas Basketball

Tyshawn Taylor, Thomas Robinson to return to KU |
The obvious big news yesterday. I think Robinson was huge and that was probably reflected in our poll the other day. It's probably too much to hope the Morri return but Robinson bridges that gap for Kansas and that's always the challenge to consistent winning.

Good move, Thomas Robinson |

2011-2012 Top 25 Predictions

A waaaay too early 2011-12 preseason Top 25 | Beyond the Arc
MSN 2011-2012: Kansas #15. Everyone pretty much assuming Morri and Selby gone saying Robinson is the key. Robinson supported by Taylor, EJ, Releford can win the Big 12.

Kentucky, UNC Top Our NCAA Basketball Rankings For Next Season -
SBNation looks ahead: Kansas, just outside the top 10.

NCAA Tournament – Luke Winn – " Posts After The Confetti, Our Top 32 For ’11-12 " 2011-2012 Top 25: Kansas #6

Andy Katz: Kentucky Wildcats will reload and contend again in 2011-12 - ESPN
ESPN's 2011-2012 Top 25: Kansas #12

NCAA Basketball

NBA draft 2011: Kyrie Irving of Duke Blue Devils going pro despite shortened year - ESPN
Irving and Selby both battled injuries and both might be in the NBA without ever really getting going on the college level. That's the way it works these days.