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Kansas Jayhawk News and Notes 4.5.11


2011-12 College Basketball Top 25 |
Beginning to feel a lot like '08-'09 and as I recall that was a pretty gratifying season. Low expectations, a chance to watch a team grown and come together and then nearly making a surprise trip to the Elite Eight.

KU quarterback position up for grabs |
Yes the QB position. I'd say it's going to be a hot topic until September at the earliest.

Little brother says KU recruit Ben McLemore LeBron-like |
Nothing like expectations. Those always seem to work well.

Kansas football ramps up fitness |
A little on the revamped conditioning program.

Miscellaneous Links

Colt McCoy's younger brother Case McCoy stars during Texas Longhorns spring game - ESPN
Did you know that Case's dad is best friends with Jordan Shipley's dad from way back in college at Abilene Christian? And on top of that that Colt (Case's brother) and Jordan(Shipley) liked to fish together when they were roommates at Texas in college? The storylines are ENDLESS!!

Why every team should install its offense in three days (and other political theories on coaching offense) | Smart Football
Specialization is the key to running a very good offense?

Kim English, Laurence Bowers of Missouri to consider entering draft - ESPN
Well if these two go our entire team can enter. So long Royce Woodridge...enjoy the NBA!