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Kansas Jayhawk News and Notes 4.29.11

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Kansas Football

Man & Woman of the Year
DJ Marshall raising money and up for the Leukemia and Lymphoma Society Man of the Year. Help out if you can.

How Round 1 of the 2011 Draft impacts former Jayhawks in the NFL | Tale of the Tait |
I had the thought for this exact post after Julio Jones was drafted by Atlanta. Nice job by Tait, take a major event and tie it back to Kansas. Hopefully in future drafts we can talk about the Jayhawks going in round one.

Kansas Basketball

Students say foam-board letters at KU basketball games helped them achieve the 'pinnacle of fandom' |
I didn't really read this but I think it's the "Ain't no seats" crew.

College Basketball

Kevin Keatts joins Rick Pitino's Louisville Cardinals staff - ESPN
Just a random note as obviously Pitino lost his big recruiter to Missouri but appears to be looking to hit a homerun recruiter with this one as well. Which direction would Kansas go if there were an opening?

NBA/College Early Entry

NCAA sets earlier date to withdraw from NBA draft - ESPN
New rule surrounding early entry. It is interesting how more and more rules are being implemented to help the schools and NBA teams but very little is being done with the player in mind.

Great Names

God's Gift Achiuwa chooses to play hoops at St. John's - ESPN New York
St. John's announced the signing of God's Gift Achiuwa. Check out the sibling names as well. Better than Wonderful Terrific?