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Kansas Jayhawk News and Notes 4.28.11

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Kansas Football

Kickoff for KU Spring Game changed to 1:30 p.m. |
HEY...TV Broadcast for the game! Now who's going to throw up a stream so I can watch?

NFL Draft-day dreams: Former Jayhawks hope to be chosen |
Seems like a longshot this year but tonight does begin the NFL draft. Hopefully we'll have more invested in this in the near future.

Kansas Basketball

Kansas loads up ’11-’12 schedule with Kentucky, Ohio St. | Beyond the Arc
A few days late, but pretty sure this is exactly what all of us have been thinking over the last two seasons. That said, if Calipari stays at Memphis, this is probably a different article. And while we're on it, what the heck is that guy doing?

Kansas legislators call KU basketball standout Tyrel Reed a role model |

KU basketball recruits slip in latest rankings |
Recruit rankings for those that follow

NFL Draft

2011 NFL Mock Draft has Cam Newton, Blaine Gabbert in top 5 -
Assuming we have quite a few NFL fans on here, how do you feel about your team headed into tonight's you like the Mock draft picks you're seeing?

Ohio State Clipping of the Day

Ex-Buckeyes not biting tongues on Tressel situation | CollegeFootballTalk
With reports surfacing Monday that Ohio State had, as expected, received their "notice of allegations" from the NCAA, and even as it contained no "new" information, the Jim Tressel "situation" seemed to get that much more real for Ohio State.

More Sports Analytics

13 Shocking Stats That Show How NCAA Schools Are Failing At Diversity
College sports administrators are almost all white and male. Shocking.