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Kansas Jayhawk News and Notes 4.25.11

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I'm driving back from Easter weekend in Kansas so pardon the slow day.  Here's a few links worth some discussion and please use the thread as to drop in other articles and news floating around to kick off your week. 

Nonconference schedule is out.  Looks pretty difficult especially considering the youth movement that Kansas will be dealing with.  One thing is sure, we won't have an easy schedule to blame for any March struggles.

News that was already put in a fanshot over the weekend but with the holiday it might be worth kicking around today since there wasn't much discussion on the impact to date.  Texas has three heading for the pro's.  My hunch would be that Thompson stays but Joseph might be back.

Rex Walters in the news out West.

Lastly, I attached the Jayhawk fan confidence poll which sits at 53.  Why so low?