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Bill Self Comments On Josh Selby's NBA Decision

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As a follow up to Josh Selby's tweet making his early entry into the NBA draft official, the University of Kansas put out a press release confirming the news.  Head coach Bill Self's thoughts were probably the first question on everyone's mind.

"When the season was over, Josh, his family and I spoke quite candidly about what he wanted to do," Self said. "He made it very clear that he wanted to go to Las Vegas and work out to see if he could get more information of his NBA Draft status. He did exactly what we agreed for him to do and handled it well and has come to the conclusion that it's best for him to go ahead and enter into the 2011 NBA Draft. We, as a staff, totally support Josh's decision and we also hope our fans support it as well."

"I never coached a kid that went through as much stuff his freshman year as Josh has - everything from a broken hand to a nine-game suspension to missing 20 practices and a stress reaction in his foot later in the season that limited his movement for the remainder of the season, he fought through it and certainly played through injury and did everything within his power to give our team the best chance to succeed."

"Right now, from reports we are getting, Josh is playing at a very high level, I wish Josh would not have had to deal with all those things, like most players don't have to deal with them, but I do think through this he's become better prepared for real life. Up until his foot injury Josh was a guy who averaged 12 points a game and was just getting very comfortable for us. For him to deal with the injury was tough on him but he feels good now and should be 100 percent and back to the explosive guy that he is as he works out for NBA teams."

"Josh made above a 3.0 (grade point average) his first semester and worked with his professors to complete his work second semester, I feel good about Josh leaving here knowing he took care of his business the way that he should have taken care of it."   

While no one would expect him to throw a player under the bus and pull a Pete Carroll, Bill Self is a pretty candid speaker and his comments tell the story one of a staff and team that supports the decision 100%. 

Josh Selby appears to have handled business in the classroom and leaves Kansas in good standing which is of course an important thing for the program so by all appearances this is what Selby wanted, this is what Selby was committed to headed into the Spring semester and whether that's the right or wrong decision will remain to be seen.