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Kansas Jayhawk Josh Selby Confirms Entry Into NBA Draft

Whether you're a big fan of Twitter or not, that's the method that Josh Selby has used to officially announced his departure from Kansas to the NBA.  Reports have been swirling since the season ended that Selby would leave and after heading to Las Vegas to workout for two weeks the writing seemed to be on the wall. 


The departure is the third early entrant from the 2010-2011 Kansas Jayhawk Basketball team as Josh Selby joins Marcus and Markieff Morris in departing early.  The Jayhawks also graduated three players in Brady Morningstar, Tyrel Reed and Mario Little.

With six departing and an early class of Ben McLemore, Naadir Tharpe and Braedon Anderson, it's likely that Kansas coach Bill Self will continue to try to add players as playing time is available.  Potential recruits include DeAndre Daniels, Trevor Lacy and Jamari Traylor.

During his time at Kansas it's likely that Josh Selby was never able to show his true potential after sitting through a nine game suspension and then battling injury. It's a little sad that his departure includes the comment about fans doubting him because he has taken some heat during the wait for what seemed to be the inevitable decision.  The fact is it's his decision to make.

Having the top recruit in the country pass through your program brings with it big expectations and unfortunately  Selby's time didn't have quite the impact that was initially expected.  At the same time he still chose Kansas because he thought it was the best place for him and that's something fans were elated over at the time.  Now Kansas fans need to move on, be excited that Kansas could have three players drafted this year and wish him the best because the best thing that can happen now from a Jayhawk perspective is for Josh Selby to succeed at a very high level in the NBA.