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Kansas Jayhawk News and Notes 4.1.11

Nope, no elaborate April Fool's day tricks this year.  I'm headed to the Rockies opening day but we've got our first Spring football practice kicking off today and with that our first positional preview.  And Warden tells us which Final Four participant we should root for.

Kansas Basketball

Sorting out Thomas Robinson's tough decision | 'Hawks in the NBA |
I think we all expect the Morri to be gone. Robinson sticking around gives us some hope but he also seems to be a VERY hot name right now.

Here’s to KU - Paul Pierce blog -
Paul Pierce check in with some words for his Jayhawks. I love the fact that his appreciation for Kansas seems to continue to grow. Great former Jayhawks with high profile NBA careers like his are invaluable to the continuation of our programs success.

Kansas Football

Turner Gill more comfortable as spring drills begin |
No more first year excuses

Related Links

Bruce Weber and Illinois released statement that the coach is staying at the school - ESPN Chicago
Seriously? Did anyone worth a damn REALLY express interest? And if they did what is wrong with them? I'm guessing this is another ploy by Weber to make himself feel good.

Photo Story: Starring Matt Painter, Purdue Pete, and Brad Stevens -... - StumbleUpon
In case you missed it...a little schadenfreude for our neighbors to the east...I think they're due for some.

Brady Morningstar falls to Jacob Pullen in three-point challenge |
Niether won, but does K-State hang a banner or create a DVD since a Jayhawk was beaten in a head to head?