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Big 12 Tournament Evening Session OGT

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I have some fond memories of the day one session break from back in the day.  Until recently those first sessions occurred on Friday whether it was the Big 8 or the Big 12 (Kansas doesn't play on day one). 

My tradition?  An Italian place called Jennie's?  Used to be down by that riverfront area and I'll just say that it provided some of the biggest and best meals I've ever had.  Following the early session it was me, my dad and more food than two men could handle at a restaurant that looked straight out of The Godfather.  Despite every effort we usually rolled out of the place without successfully finishing all that was ordered. 

After that...back to Kemper Arena for the night session and a food induced snoozer in between games one and two.  It was a day that never failed to deliver. Sometimes it's the little things that make sporting events so great and sometimes they have little to do with the sport itself.

Anyway, back to the games. 

#10 Oklahoma vs. #7 Baylor 6pm CST

#6 Missouri vs. #11 Texas Tech  8:30pm CST