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Big 12 Tournament Scouting Reports

With the Big 12 Championship set to tip off today in Kansas City, RCT is bringing back the motion chart.  This little gadget will allow you to compare each team in the Big 12 in terms of points per possession, effective field goal percentage, offensive rebound percentage, turnover percentage, and free throw rate on both the offensive and defensive end.  Compare as many teams as you want or just pick out certain matchups. 


*Quick tips: Click on the wrench, change opacity to zero and the unchecked teams will go away.  Change the X to "Time" or click on the squiggly line in the top right and you'll get a line graph.  If you can't get it to do what you want, check back in the linked post from last year for tips or post in the comments and I'll try to help.

Below the jump, some observations of things that stood out to me.


Effective field goal percentages throughout conference play for Kansas, Kansas St., and Texas.  The Jayhawks shot well all year, Texas show well and then fell off during their slide, Kansas State was hit and miss throughout most of the season but ended better than it began.


Points per possession for Kansas and Texas.  Good thing the defense picked up towards the end of the season because the offense hit a bit of a speed bump.


Free throw rate for the Jayhawks in Big 12 play.  The points highlighted are home games, this was used to put to bed the "but Kansas always gets those calls at home!" cries. 


And a look at the opponent's free throw rate for Missouri, highlighted games here are ROAD games.  In the 8 games where their opponents had a higher free throw rate than the conference average, 6 were on the road.  Coincidence?


Opponent's offensive rebound percentage against Kansas this year compared to the conference average.  This one area that fetch has mentioned but it probably hasn't been discussed enough.  The defensive rebounding helps to cover up a lower than average defensive TO%.  If we're not going to cut down the opponent's possessions by stealing the ball, better make sure they don't get extra chances due to offensive rebounds.

Play around with the chart and learn something new about teams in the conference today.