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Kansas Jayhawk News and Notes 3.8.11

Kansas Basketball

KU's Reed battling through injury |
These nagging injuries keeping players from being 100% are always the worst. They battle through them but sometimes they rear their head at the worst time. Jerod Haase comes to mind and his broken wrist. By the time KU hit the NCAA tourney in 1997 he made Dogus Balbay look 2 dimensional.

KU coach Bill Self wins Associated Press Big 12 coach of the year |
Another feather in the cap. I wonder if this get's routine for coach Self.

Big 12 Tournament: Three Reasons Kansas Basketball Can Win - SB Nation Kansas City
Joel Thorman looks at three reasons Kansas basketball can win. On a sidenote Joel is a Mizzou fan for the most part but he did attend his first Kansas basketball game in the Fieldhouse this year. I think he's turning a corner : )

College Basketball

Basketball Prospectus | Recapping Sloan
A recap of the Sloan Sports Conference hosted my MIT last weekend. My nerd heart would love to be able to attend one of these someday.

Texas Tech begins the carousel in earnest - College Basketball Nation Blog - ESPN
And so the coaching carousel begins.

Basketball Prospectus | Tuesday Truths: Final Reality
The last Tuesday Truths of the season (already?). I like his last line about the Big 12 "The conference champion would appear to be the team to watch". Lets hope so.

The ball screen now a prevalent offense in college basketball, including at Michigan -
A nice breakdown of why teams use the ball screen and how it started in college basketball.

the blog
Ken Pomeroy addresses the issue that comes with putting too much emphasis on one particular weakness of a team when trying to judge them at the end of the season.


Charlotte Bobcats withdraw offer to Sherron Collins after undrafted rookie misses two flights |
Could be the beginning of the end for Sherron's pro chances. Seems like his time spent in Chicago never ends up being productive.

College Football

Tressel knew of gear scheme last April - College Football -
Y! Sports probe: OSU coach Jim Tressel was informed players were selling items eight months before the school claimed knowledge. Can this be swept under the rug as well?