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Kansas Jayhawk News and Notes 3.7.11

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Kansas Basketball

All Big XII Teams | Oread Boom Kings
HipHop over with the Boom Kings gives us his All Big 12 teams. Announcement coming this week on the RCT/OBK front.

Recap: 10 statistical oddities from KU's win over Missouri | The Newell Post |
We've got plenty here that live for stats. Jesse provides a few nuggets from Saturday.

Thomas Robinson's return uplifting for KU basketball |
TRob provided quite a lift in Columbia

Big 12

Big 12 tournament hoops preview: Storylines, observations and a prediction | Conference chatter |
A little Big 12 tourney preview material. How about the Tigers dropping all the way to #6 in the league? Actually probably gives them an easier path.

One man's All-Conference ballot |
Tully share's his ballot with us, pretty Hawk-centric. As it should be.

College Basketball

College Hardwood Divorce: Men's basketball sees transfer rates rise | The Des Moines Register |
NCAA Division I basketball has taken on a "play me or trade me" persona, a major factor in players transferring from one program to another at a rising rate. The Register's Rick Brown examines the issue.