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Kansas Basketball News and Notes 3.6.11

Border War won, Big 12 Title ours outright and in my opinion a top seed is all but locked in for Kansas at this point and we'll be in the Southwest.  Book your tickets to San Antonio.  And as for the words of Bob Knight...chickensh!t. 

Kansas Secures Regular Season SWEEP over Mizzou AGAIN!

Seventh heaven: Jayhawks beat Missouri, claim league title outright |
The Jayhawks are the originators of the Charlie Sheen philosophy on life. Winning!!!!

Elijah Johnson shores up point for KU men's basketball |
I'm sure the great point debate is still up for grabs but I do think Elijah Johnson has come into his own a bit of late.

Thomas Robinson's work on boards earn him top Keegan billing | The Keegan Ratings |
Robinson was an animal yesterday. I think that was huge for him to get a game like this under his belt.

Undisputed! KU wins Big 12 outright | feels so much better to have this thing all to ourselves.

Pulled from the "Don't Insult My Intelligence" file

KCTV5 says sun spots to blame for many fans missing final minutes of KU-MU game |
Bogus. Maybe this isn't what happened in KC but in Denver Greg Gumble cut in and said something to the effect of "with Kansas having this game in hand, we'll take a break and head to Ariziona Oregon." HORRIBLE MOVE BY CBS and I just don't believe sun spots had nothing to do with it.