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Kansas Jayhawk News and Notes 3.5.11

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Last day of the regular season.  As great as March and win or go home basketball is, it's also the end of another year which is at least a little bittersweet.

Kansas Basketball

KU men's basketball looking to snap Missouri’s home streak |
Tigers are undefeated at home this year

Brady Morningstar recalls Antlers before Border War |
Is it time for the Antlers to come up with something new other than the whole calling of players?

College Basketball

MU’s Anderson sidesteps Arkansas speculation -
I don't really care what Anderson decides to do but this would be the third straight year of flirtation with another school if it does actually occur. Doesn't that begin to raise a red flag?  I believe he has since said he will retire at Missouri...but maybe that just means he's leaving and will return!  : )

Oregon State Beavers vs. Arizona Wildcats - Recap - ESPN
This means we officially are the Pac10 champs as well!

Coach Dave Rose expects BYU to rebound from Davies loss - ESPN
No you won't. Mid Major Madness is a perfect storm and that storm just became a sprinkle. BYU may beat a few teams, but this isn't a potential final four team anymore. Then again, what do I know.

Previewing College Hoops Weekend | Beyond the Arc
Take a look at this weekend. Surprised out game isn't on the list of potential upsets.