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Kansas vs. Missouri Open Game Thread

March 5th, 2011
11 am CST
Who: Kansas Jayhawks vs. Missouri Tigers
Where: Paige Arena

Welcome to the Rock Chalk Talk and your open thread for the Kansas Jayhawks vs the Missouri Tigers. I got a little bit of an empty feeling when I went to schedule this thread and realized that it was the last open thread queued up for the year. Time flies. The good news is we have this one, the Big 12 tourney and of course the NCAA tournament still to go.

As for this one, throw the last game out the window because it's not likely to be that comfortable. Mizzou wins at home and they play 10x better at home so this one is going to be a fight from the start and Kansas will need to respond to the test better than they did in Manhattan. As I did last year I'll go ahead and throw out the notion that this one doesn't mean anything because it does. It means an OUTRIGHT Big 12 title, it means we continue to OWN the conference and it means we beat Mizzou. Obviously it means just as much to the other side if not more. Early tip for round two of the BORDER WAR!

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Beak 'em Hawks!