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RCT Staff Announcement


As we near the close of the 2010-2011 year in Kansas sports, prepare to gear up for the quick sprint that is Spring football and then head into the long summer without, RCT is going to be adding a new face to the staff of contributors. That face is our own RCTHOF'er KUGrad08.

Most of you know him for his "hold know punches" style and his unique "ability" to wear his emotions on his sleeve, but what you may not know about KUGrad is that he is indeed a graduate from the Kansas School of Journalism and he has some fairly extensive blogging experience with Kansas City News(they even pay him!).  In short, his background is a lot like mine...he's just more of a wise ass.

Over the last year and a half the addition of Warden and Fetch has been huge in helping beef up the content especially surrounding basketball.  The merger with the Boom Kings brought us two more well rounded Kansas sports enthusiasts that can add to both conversations.  But with Grad, this is about football.  Not that I'm going to deter him from talking basketball because it's pretty clear that we all love Kansas basketball, but we also have a pretty devoted Kansas football following around here and that's important.  It's my passion and it's where I've noticed Grad could have some good things to contribute in his own unique style. 

We're at 1500 members strong, we've surpassed 80,000 unique visitors in a month for the first time ever and most importantly the quality of the community and it's commentors has stayed strong throughout.  Because of that I'm excited about the recent additions as it furthers our ability to "feed the beast" so to speak and provide more perspective and discussion surrounding Kansas sports.

Grad and I will be kicking things off with our Spring positional preview series, while the others chip in with a postseason basketball report card series. As always if you have a suggestion for something you'd be interested in learning more about please let us know.  Questions, comments, concerns, shoot me an email.  We may have one or two more staff additions in some capacity before we kick off football this fall and if there is anyone else interested in contributing further in some capacity, by all means shoot me an email and let's chat. 

Thanks to Grad for agreeing to contribute, glad to have him aboard and of course this means he's at my beckon call for any and all photoshop request.  Which I do already have a great one in mind that includes a little twist on the Russian epic win guy with the mini Giraffe on a treadmill.