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Kansas Falls to VCU, Cinderella Run Continues

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This is a story I didn't expect to write today, as Kansas falls to Virginia Commonwealth in the Elite Eight.  There aren't many things to say right now, congratulations to VCU on their Cinderella run to the Final Four.  They came out today and put the pressure squarely on the Jayhawks.  Hitting what they threw at the basket and completely disrupting any offense the Jayhawks tried to run in the first half, leading to a 14 point lead at halftime. 

As many of us hoped, the Jayhawks came out determined to cut into the lead early in the second half but it wasn't meant to be.  Right when Kansas started making their run, VCU was fouled on a three pointer.  The free throws slowed down the momentum and it was followed by a 3 that killed it.  The three pointers were really the story of the game.  VCU ends the game 12-25 from behind the arc while the Jayhawks ended the game 2-22.  Throw in bad free throw shooting (15-28) and this was a very winnable game, the points were there to be had.  Unfortunately, the points are still out there.

Not the way anyone saw it ending this morning, but it's where we are.  The offense ends up being the downfall of this team.  Poor shooting and a non-existent bench today was enough to bury them.  Now I guess it's time to look back on what Tyrel Reed, Brady Morningstar and Mario Little brought to one of the greatest programs in the nation and hope for Marcus and Markieff Morris to return to Lawrence.