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Kansas Jayhawk News and Notes 3.24.11

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Kansas Basketball

KU not taking Richmond lightly |
Let's not take anyone lightly.

Jayhawks deem 'Miss Angel' their unofficial mother |
Momma Morris

Monster in the making: Markieff Morris no longer just ‘the other twin’ |
Fair point, but can we keep this one another year?

On the road in San Antonio: Signs, signs, everywhere signs | Tale of the Tait |
We love San Antonio


Anderson has been big for Richmond |
We'll here more about Anderson and Richmond from a Spider blog later today.

Richmond's strengths, weaknesses and players to watch | The Newell Post |
A look at Rchmond

Big 12

Mike Anderson accepts Arkansas Razorbacks coaching job - ESPN
Obviously this was the big news in the league yesterday. Sad to see him go. It will be interesting to see who Mizzou goes after, I think they could end up with an upgrade in the long run. Obviously some very strong emotions since Anderson pulled them back from Quingate but was he really going to make them competitive at a top level on a regular basis? Hard telling, never landed a big man and was going to be starting over after next year.