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Kansas Jayhawk News and Notes 3.20.11

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Kansas v Illinois

Q. What's going through your mind when you go against Kansas on Sunday?


They have a great team, great program. Bill has done a tremendous job. The success there that they've had the season -- it's probably for them -- I don't know. They were rated high, but I think it's gone even with some distractions better than maybe they thought, lot of weapons, lot of steady play, some big guys inside.

All I really see of them is on ESPN highlights. It seems like they're always throwing lob dunks to each other. So I know we'll have to get back on defense and we'll sit down tonight with the coaches. Coach Howard has the scout. Coach McClain did a great job with this one. Coach Howard already has some things going. And I'm glad we're playing Sunday night. It gives us a little more time to rest and prepare.

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