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Brock Berglund Heading Back To Colorado For Now

It appears Brock Berglund is headed home temporarily and won't be available for spring practices as was originally hoped.  From The Kansas Athletics press release this afternoon.

LAWRENCE, Kan. - Kansas football signee Brock Berglund has altered his spring schedule it was announced Wednesday by Jayhawks head coach Turner Gill.

"Brock Berglund has decided to change to modified class scheduling this semester," Gill said.  "This change will allow him to still be eligible this fall.  Due to personal circumstances we have decided it is in his best interest to come in the summer with the rest of the outstanding 2011 recruiting class. Brock is committed to being a student-athlete at the University of Kansas."

Berglund signed with Kansas in December and was enrolled in classes this spring.

"I am committed to being a part of the Kansas football program and am excited to join my teammates this summer," Berglund said.

I would say that at this point there's nothing in here that raises a huge red flag.  I imagine NOT making a statement would have been more alarming.  At the same time I don't think Kansas fans will rest easy on this one until Berglund has returned to campus this summer and at this point it might be a good idea to temper expectations as to his ability to step directly into a starting role. Regardless of where you think Jordan Webb fits in to the grand picture, he's going to head into fall as the starter most likely and he'll have a three year head start on Berglund.

Here's hoping whatever personal circumstances have led to the departure turn out for the best and Berglund returns to Kansas as planned in June.

H/T to Rivet for the fanshot