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A (semi) Statistical Recap of Kansas vs. Boston

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It didn't look pretty, but the Jayhawks won with defense, holding the Terriers to just .84 PPP. They held them far below their season average in 2 point shooting and, shockingly, in 3 point shooting as well. They forced BU turnovers on 19% of the Terriers' possessions, right in line with BU's season average and a tick below KU's. Despite this lack of turnovers, it didn't matter as Kansas didn't allow BU to get off many good shots, and when they did, Kansas usually got the rebound, as BU grabbed just 17.1% of their misses.

Offensively it wasn't great, scoring only 1.14 PPP, but a lot of that can be attributed to the missed bunnies in the first half, as well as some shots that both Marcus and Markieff usually hit. Kansas ended up shooting just 54% from two which, given the opponent, isn't great, but they made up for it by shooting 9-20 (45%) from three. I am sure there will be a lot of worrying about living by the three and dying by the three, but getting good three point shots in rhythm is a huge part of our offense, and maybe the best offense that we have. We're the country's best two point shooting team on the season, but a lot of that is opened up by being the 21st best three point shooting team in the country.

Kansas turned it over on 22.2% of their possessions, which is too much in a 1/16 game, and especially too much when their opponent was playing a fairly simple zone defense the whole time. The offensive rebounding wasn't great either, but actually was exactly their season average, which is cool.

  • Brady was fantastic in this game, with 13 points, 5 rebounds and 2 assists. He shot 2-4 from two and 3-5 from three
  • Marcus struggled to get going, but ended up shooting 6-10 from two and 1-3 from three, and he grabbed 9 rebounds.
  • Markieff also struggled a bit, but if he makes a couple layups he has 19 points instead of 15, and has a much better shooting day than 4-9 from two. He was also 4-6 from the line. Fun fact: Marcus and Markieff were the only two Jayhawks to shoot free throws last night.
  • Tyshawn was 2-3 from two and 2-5 from three, and apparently is our third long range shooter with Brady and Tyrel. I do wish he would stop charging so much, and I think he was a bit too lazy defensively early, but picked it up later. He also had a game high 7 assists.
  • Tyrel only had 8 points, but made 2 of the 3 threes he took, had 6 rebounds and 3 assists.
  • Thomas Robinson didn't play great, but made the only shot he took and had 6 rebounds in 16 minutes.
  • Josh Selby was 2-4 from two, which is fine, but 0-2 from three. Seriously dude, never take a three again. He did play some good defense though.
  • Jeff Withey scored two points!