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Open Thread: NCAA Tournament Round Of 32, Saturday


The first eight teams get to punch their ticket for the "Sweet Sixteen" today as we enter the "3rd round"(2nd round!) of the NCAA tournament with action all day long today starting at 12:15 EST.  In a way this round is always a little bittersweet, especially if you're team isn't in it or fails to make it beyond this point.  Fortunately we've got another whole day of this and Kansas of course is alive and kicking at this point so all is well. 

#5 West Virginia v #4 Kentucky - 12:15PM EST - CBS

Kentucky has been a hot pick to possibly upset Ohio State, but they barely dodged the upset bug themselves.

#7 UCLA v #2 Florida - 2:45PM EST - CBS

UCLA hung on and Florida dominated.  Should be interesting to see the response.

#13 Morehead State v #12 Richmond - 5:15pm EST - CBS

Which Cinderella heads to the ball?

#7 Temple v #2 San Diego State - 6:10PM EST - TNT

Temple survived, SDSU looked comfortable and shot better than they will most nights. Possible upset?

#8 Butler v #1 Pittsburgh - 7:10PM EST - TBS

Round one was hardly an upset over ODU but it was exciting, this would firmly plant Butler in Gonzaga status.

#11 Gonzaga v #3 BYU - 7:45PM EST - CBS

Speaking of Gonzaga, many are giving them the edge despite being an 11 seed.

#5 Kansas State v #4 Wisconsin - 8:40PM EST - TNT

Slugfest coming right up.

#6 Cincinnati v #3 UConn - 9:40PM EST -TBS

Both teams looked real good on Thursday, one has to lose.