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Kansas Puts Its Foot Down In The Second Half to Pull Away From BU

It certainly wasn't pretty, especially in the first half, but Kansas moved on to the second round on Sunday, defeating BU 72-53. The Terriers started out hot but couldn't continue that over the break. Truth be told I wasn't worried at halftime for a number of reasons, but the main couple were that Kansas had given away 10+ points in bunnies in the first half and BU had a guy who made only 15 threes all season make two of them in the first half.

Kansas had four guys, Marcus, Markieff, Brady and Tyshawn in double figures, and John Holland led all scorers with 19 for BU

As for next game, I'm really not worried. This is just same old Kansas: come out slow, take a team lightly, and then assert themselves in the second half. I tweeted this within the first 15 seconds of the game, but it does seem like Kansas is going to have to have six come from behind wins if it wants a national championship.

Sure it sucks that we came out playing poorly, but a lot of teams played games close and I really don't think struggling early precludes you from winning a national championship.

Now of course the big question is whether we will see UNLV a la 2008 or if Illinois fans will get their shot at Coach Self.