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Open Thread: NCAA Tournament Day One, Evening Session


I think we can already go ahead and rule day one and this new four channel, staggered start time format a HUGE success.  How I ever went through the first weekend without the ability to control my OWN March Madness experience is beyond me. 

Last second win by Butler, big time shot and a nice win for Morehead, Penn State v Temple survives with a shot at .4 seconds, the list goes on...don't miss a minute tonight this is too good to miss.

#15 UC Santa Barbara v #2 Florida - 6:50PM EST - TBS

The best nickname in the tourney, the Gauchos.  And the most overseeded #2, the Gators.

#14 Wofford v #3 BYU - 7:15PM EST - CBS

The Jimmer show tips off the tournament with the first primetime CBS spot.

#14 Bucknell v #3 UConn - 7:20PM EST - TNT

The Bison are suddenly a trendy upset pick.  Reminds me of a time not long ago.

#13 Belmont v #4 Wisconsin - 7:27PM EST - TruTV

Belmont has been a trendy upset pick.  A lot of potential in these first four evening games for some MAYHEM!

#10 Michigan State v #7 UCLA - 9:20PM EST - TNT

Is Izzo ready for another surprising run or will Ben Howland get UCLA moving in the right direction. Good matchup.

#11 Gonzaga v #6 St. Johns - 9:45PM EST - CBS

Being hyped by the East coast heads as the game of the night.  Many picking Gonzaga with the injury to Kennedy.

#11 Missouri v #6 Cincinnati - 9:50PM EST - TNT

Again, Missouri seems to be the favorite based on the analysis despite being the low seed.

#12 Utah State v #5 Kansas State - 9:57PM EST - TruTV

The more I look at this tourney the more difficult it looks. Find me a game where the low seed doesn't stand a chance tonight?