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Kansas Jayhawk News and Notes 3.17.11

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Kansas Basketball

Speedy Taylor key for KU |
Tyshawn, ever watch how the fans act when Danny, Mario or Sasha were around this year? That could be you. Yeah we'll still like you either way, but ask Aaron Miles if there's a difference, he's been to quite a few games lately and I bet there are differences.

Illinois not looking ahead to Kansas |
Well that's reassuring. If Bruce Weber says it then it must be true.

Strengths, weaknesses and players to watch from UNLV, Illinois | The Newell Post |
Jesse looks ahead to the round 2 matchups

Blast from the past: Tyrel Reed’s prep career filled with fond memories, admiration |
Time to win #2 with Tyrel on the roster.

KU coach Self: Jayhawks ‘loose’ in arrival to Tulsa |
Getting a bit nervous now.

Kansas Football

Nine NFL scouts attend KU's pro day | Tale of the Tait |
Shocked...SHOCKED by Dudley's times. I heard 4.47 ended up being the official on Harris.