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Open Thread: NCAA Tournament Day One, Morning Session

Lens11163731_12748301992011_final_four_houston_j_mediumAnd one of the greatest weekends in all of sports is getting ready to tip off just a half hour from now as the TRUE start to the NCAA tournament gets underway with first round games across the country. 

Sixteen games on the docket today.  That includes EIGHT as part of the morning/early afternoon action beginning with Clemson and West Virginia.  Those two teams have the honor of tipping off what many feel is the official start of the tournament.  This mornings games include:

#12 Clemson v #5 West Virginia - 12:15PM EST - CBS

Can Clemson be the first "play in" team to snag a win. The 5 v 12 typically has an upset, maybe this is one

Full Listing after the jump

#9 Old Dominion v #8 Butler 12:40PM EST - TruTV

Last year's National title Cinderella returns to the tourney

#13 Morehead State v #4 Louisville - 1:40PM EST - TBS

Kenneth Faried is an animal on the inside for Morehead State, can Louisville avoid the upset bug?

#10 Penn State v #7 Temple - 2:10PM EST - TNT

A disciplined Temple team that lacks explosiveness...wait, this sounds like a Big 10 matchup

#13 Princton v #4 Kentucky - 2:45PM EST CBS

Remember the days when Princeton was consistently that tricky matchup?

#16 UNC-Ashville v #1 Pitt - 3:10PM EST - TruTV

Good call putting this one on TruTV

#12 Richmond v #5 Vanderbilt - 4:10PM EST - TBS

5 v 12 in the Kansas bracket and Richmond could be dangerous...worth a look see.

#15 Northern Colorado v #2 San Diego State

Can the Aztecs get out of the first round for the first time ever?

So fire up those live streams at work or pull up a seat on the couch and settle in for a March tradition with the greatness of the NCAA tournament and an open thread from RCT.