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NCAA Tournament Round One Open Thread


#16 UT - San Antonio vs. # 16Alabama State - 6:30PM EST - TruTV

Day two of the first round of games brings us another matchup between two no. 16 seeds that we can only hope lives up to the overtime excitement from last nights overtime thriller.  Hey, if we're going to watch below mid majors go at it, it might as well be exciting. UT San Antonio(19-13) gets into the tournament as the Southland Conference champs while Alabama State(17-17) grabs the automatic bid from the SWAC.  Based on the battle of the mascots I think it's safe to go with the Roadrunners who feed on small insects and opportunistic meal placement. Yes Hornets have stingers and can cause problems in large numbers, but this is basketball not football and you only get five Hornets coming at you at a time on the hardwood.  UTSA by 8.

#11 VCU vs. #11 USC - 9PM EST - TruTV

The second game of the night is the best play in game if you go by seeding but their are a few folks sitting out in Colorado who might beg to differ regarding one of the participants.  VCU finished 4th in the Colonial Conference behind George Mason, Old Dominion and HOFSTRA!  Is Hofstra in the tourney?  VCU has four wins over teams in the tournament.  Those wins being UCLA, Wofford, ODU and George Mason.  CU is better.  USC obviously heads in out of the PAC10 as a bubble team and one would expect they can handle business provided USC coach Kevin O'Neill can stay clear of any bars containing Arizona alumni prior to tipoff.  If they lose, it could be bon voyage for O'Neill who is under the microscope after his poor behavior at the Pac10 tourney.  USC by 12.