Warden's Bracket Challenge 2011

Here's how Wardens Bracket Challenge works:

  1. Pick 10 teams
  2. You are awarded points equal to that team's seed for every win.
  3. Most points win.
  4. UPDATE (credit to sax solo, I'll meet halfway) 5 point bonus for a team making it to the Final Four.

For example, if you pick Michigan State as one of your teams and they beat UCLA , you get 10 points. If they win in the 2nd round, you get 10 more points. Or you could pick Florida and get 2 points for every game they win, with a maximum of 12 points. Strategy is yours to decide, high seed teams and hope for 1 or 2 wins or lower seeded teams and hope for a run to the Elite 8.

Pick your teams in the comments and I'll keep track of the results.

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