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Fox, Big 12 Close In On A Deal For Big 12 Network

News out of the Big 12 is that the conference is in the final stages of negotiating an increase of their current fox agreement from $20 million annually to $60 million annually. 

The more interesting news might be the discussion of a Big 12 network moving forward with the rights to eight schools excluding Texas and Oklahoma.  Sounds like a good move and the real draw for a school like Kansas is continued exposure on the football field. 

For Fox, Kansas is a draw because of basketball.  In fact it seems the value of Kansas basketball might place third right behind Texas and Oklahoma football.

Kansas is considered to have the most valuable assortment of third-tier rights because of its historically strong basketball program and national following.

At face value it looks like a solid move from Beebe and the Big 12, but when Beebe is involved I tend to wait until the ink is dry and the terms are set before getting too excited.