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Kansas Jayhawk News and Notes 2.5.11

Another college basketball Saturday.  Full slate of Big 12 games on the day and of course our own Jayhawks this afternoon.  Open threads all day long as you prepare for Kansas and then a SuperBowl Sunday.

Kansas Basketball

KU to clash with confident NU |
Huskers are feeling good about their chances today. I don't blame em, they play well at home.

Lasting KU-NU memories |
A look back at the series over the years

Big 12

What does cluster in Big 12 standings say about league? A look ahead to KU-Nebraska | Conference chatter |
A look at the Big 12. Shocking statement of the day. Oklahoma TIED FOR 3RD.

College Basketball

Bracketology - NCAA College Basketball Brackets and Predictions - ESPN
Latest Bracketology has us headed West. I like this bracket as long as the Jimmer show loses before we play them. Other than that, this one looks manageable. How about K-State at a #12. They're really holding on based on that #3 ranking to start it would seem.