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Kansas Jayhawk News and Notes 2.4.11

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Kansas Football

Recruits impressed by talent of class |
A few quotes from some of the recruits and a follow up piece to signing day by Matt Tait.

Kansas Basketball

No rest for dinged-up Reed |
And now we know why Reed wore the boot. I hate these nagging injuries, I always feel like they're going to catch up with the team come March. Jerod Haase anyone?

Hitting his stride: Selby answering call to be aggressive |
I like what Self is doing here. Everyone in the country keeps saying we've regressed since Selby, I dont think Self believes that's going to be the case if he can get him to play the way he's capable.


Football Recruiting: The rise and fall of former No. 1 Xavier Crawford - ESPN
It's in a fanshot but worth a read so I'll pull it into this as well.  We all remember Jocques Crawford right? Well his dad Xavier Crawford was once the No. 1 football recruit in the country. But as his story shows, that title doesn't always spell success. Wow do they look alike.