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Another Week, Another New No. 1 In College Basketball

The last few weeks have been a bit hectic across the college basketball landscape and that becomes clear as ever when you look at those on top.

Ohio State lost their first game of the season to Wisconsin over two weeks ago sending Kansas to the top spot. The Jayhawks abruptly fell to Kansas State prompting most to speculate Texas, Ohio State or Pitt would jump into the role. All three would lose prior to a new poll allowing Duke to leapfrog back to the top spot where they started the year. Then this weekend Duke loses along with Pitt and Texas while BYU beats a top five team in San Diego State.

College basketball is balanced as ever. Realistically there are a good number of teams that could potentially get hot and win the tournament but at this moment their are now five sitting at the top jockeying for the best position, seven if you want to allow Texas and Purdue into the conversation which some have done. With the latest edition of both the Coaches and AP Poll now released the latest and greatest in college basketball makes another shift. So who's the new number one? Ohio State claims the top spot in both polls by a slim margin over the Kansas Jayhawks.

The rest of the top five for the first time in a while looks pretty much the same across the two polls with BYU checking in at #3, Duke at #4 and Pitt at #5. The other two teams mentioned as a possible top seed are Texas and Purdue. Purdue ranks #6 in both polls with Texas at #7 in the AP and #8 in the Coaches.