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A (semi) Statistical Recap of Kansas Vs. Oklahoma State

Let's get this out of the way: Oklahoma State is pretty bad. That said, this was one of the best performances offensively I have seen from any team all season. Kansas rode a 63.2% eFG to scoring 1.24 PPP and held the Cowboys to just .87 PPP. And this is despite a lull in the second half when they were (understandably) a bit lackadaisical given that it was 52-28 at halftime.

The Jayhawks shot 43% from three, and a ridiculous 61.7% from two. They didn't turn it over an obscene amount (17.6%) and though they only rebounded a fourth of their misses (about 10% under their season average), they held the Cowboys to just a 9% offensive rebounding percentage, which is about 20% better than what Kansas normally does. Even better, once they got a big lead there was no sense that they were ever going to give it up. Wisconsin is ranked #1 in KenPom in terms of offense, but make no mistake: this is the best offense in the country.

And hey they even shot 74% from the line last night

  • It's probably a little overstated how well Elijah played last night, but there's no doubt that it was his best game all season. He was 4-4 from three (though even though he seems like a much better shooter than T2, his three point percentage is only 1% higher). He only dished out 3 assists, but he only recorded 2 turnovers as well. He had some spotty passes but I'm very happy with his play and hopefully he gets the keys while Tyshawn is out.
  • Marcus had 27 points going 6-8 from two, 3-5 from three and 6-8 from the line. To be honest he probably could have gone for 40 or more, but good for them for not running up the score. There also was a moment where he got locked up pretty good (and elbowed) by an Okie State defender and he just gave him a little pat on the back. More on that next.
  • Markieff had 15 points on 5-7 shooting from two, 1-3 from three and 2-2 from the line. He grabbed 7 boards, 4 offensive. And there was a moment in the game where he (I think it was him. Maybe it was Marcus) collided with a Cowboy going out of bounds fighting for a rebound, and he helped him up. Clearly Bill Self has addressed the reputation those two have earned, and clearly those two have at least taken steps to try to rectify it. Good work by them.
  • Mario Little only took 5 shots, but grabbed 10 rebounds and while he wasn't a shutdown defender by any means, he had a decent game defensively.
  • Thomas Robinson had a nice return to action, going 2-2 from the floor (including a nice jumper a foot or two inside the three point line) and grabbed 6 rebounds in 10 minutes of play.