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Duke Is College Basketball's New No. 1 But That's The Only Place People Seem To Agree

After a week that saw the top four teams in both polls all lose for the first time since 2003, Duke finds themselves back at the top of the college basketball ranking world. There was a lot of conversation this week with such turmoil at the top and as some expected, Duke was able to leapfrog Pitt, Texas, Ohio State and Kansas to take over the top spot in both the AP and Coaches Poll.

The rest of the top five is a jumbled mess and it seems no one can agree.  Kansas and Ohio State are sharing the two and three spots depending on the poll with both getting the benefit of the doubt after tough road losses against quality opponents.

San Diego State was a team that some expected to make a push, but the Aztecs were only able to leap frog Texas and Pitt in the coaches poll where SDSU sits at four.  In the AP however, SDSU still sits on the outside looking in at number six.

Texas, like Duke, holds the identical spot in both polls at number five.  While Pitt drops to six in the coaches poll but lands at fourth in the AP poll while receiving the second most 1st place votes of anyone in the top seven.

BYU has been unable to make a real play and get themselves in the mix, but they due seem to define an invisible threshold at the moment between the teams in consideration for a number one seed and those that are playing for a two.