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Top Four In College Basketball All Lose, Whose Your No. 1?

For the first time since 2003, the top four teams in college basketball all lost in the matter of one week. What that means on Monday is that the new poll and the opinions on the new top five are likely as cloudy as ever.

It all started on Monday when the Kansas Jayhawks, who were just a few hours earlier named number one, lost to the Kansas State Wildcats by 16 in Manhattan. The loss seemed to lay the groundwork for Texas or Ohio State to take the number one spot, the other obviously taking the two and Pitt moving to number three with the Jayhawks dropping to either four or five depending on where the voters placed Duke.

Then Saturday happened. Pitt walked into Madison Square Garden against a St. John's team that is landing big win after big win at home this year and the Johnnies pulled the upset in dramatic late game fashion. Just a short while later the Texas Longhorns would fall victim to the upset bug that's going around and drop a game to unranked Nebraska by two in Lincoln. Easy enough right? Ohio State at no. 1 and then the others fall in line behind.

Not so fast, Purdue played host to the Buckeyes on Sunday and pulled off a 13 point win over the Ohio State Buckeyes handing Ohio State their second road loss in a little over a week.

Now who's number one? Right or wrong one loss seems to change the way we view a team in college basketball so a shuffle at the top is likely. Does that shuffle include some form of the top four that recently lost? Or does an opening exist for Duke or even San Diego State and BYU?

Who's your no. 1? Who's your top five?