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Kansas Jayhawk Football Signing Day 2011: Specialists

Last but certainly not least, the specialists.  Kansas is in the position of replacing both their punter and placekicker form a year ago and it appeared at least during the recruiting season that a longsnapper was also being targeted. 

At punter the Jayhawks have a redshirt freshman on the roster in Victor McBride.  Who is McBride and what does he bring to the table?  Good question.  The other kicker on the roster is sophomore Ron Doherty who handled kickoff duties a year ago and at longsnapper Justin Carnes.

Now Kansas must be comfortable at punter because there has been little discussed on that front.  At the position of longsnapper something might still pop up between now and August.  But at Kicker the Jayhawk staff has gone out and landed what many consider the top in the country.  Let's talk a little kicking game shall we.

Alex Mueller - K - 5'10 155

Rivals Profile - 2*   ESPN Profile - 2*   Scout Profile - 2*

Breakdown: Look kickers are going to be 2* players that's the way it is.  Fact is, Mueller is considered one of the best in the country.  In fact he recently won the 9th annual Chris Sailors kicking competition and can lay claim to the title of best kicker in the country.  Now I'm going to miss Jacob Branstetter's linebacker instincts on kickoff coverage, but having a reliable kicker would be HUGE for Kansas.  I can't remember the last time we had a guy that we could send on to the field and get three points. 

Now for your viewing pleasure, the top highlight film of the day...Alex Mueller kicking field goals!!!  Oh and he kicks off too.  I'm not sure we can say he's a through the endzone guy but I'll take what I can get when it comes to the kicking game and accuracy in the 3 point type of kicking is big.