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Kansas Jayhawk Football Signing Day 2011: Defensive Line

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It's no secret that this is an area that Kansas Jayhawk fans have been keyed in on this year in terms of recruiting.  At the same time it might be one of the areas where the Kansas staff did one of it's better coaching jobs.  The Jayhawks were EXTREMELY thin and just as young in 2010, yet the Kansas defensive line held it's own.

Patrick Dorsey and Richard Johnson Jr return at tackle after seeing the majority of the minutes in 2010.  Kevin Young shifts inside full time after making the move a year ago.  Keba Agostinho is said to be joining him but that seems to be up for debate.  Toben Opurum is the best story out of Kansas football in 2010 after his multiple position moves and the promise he has shown.   Add in a healthy John Williams, Tyrone Sellers and hopefully DJ Marshall along with a sort of grayshirt addition in Julius Green and maybe there are the makings of a rotation up front. 

All that said, this is a spot that could see a player like redshirt freshman Pat Lewandowski break into the lineup or perhaps even one of the recruits coming in this summer.  It's a position that can change a defense, Carl Torbush has coached some good ones, and the staff put together a late run up front in 2011.

Javonte Daniel - DE - 6'4" 215

Rivals Profile - 3*  ESPN Profile - 3*  Scout Profile - 3*

Committed: 1/23/11


Breakdown:  Daniel was originally slated to take a grayshirt but with Terry Redden settling on Memphis he is now officially a Jayhawk and will get things going this fall. 

The nice thing is that Daniel is a player with good length and speed off the edge that Kansas has been lacking.  In that respect the staff sees him as someone who could contribute right away depending on the circumstances.  Plus, they went down to Georgia to get him which is always a nice place to snag a recruit from.
If I do come in this fall they talked to me about coming in without red shirting and seeing the field early as a rush end in certain situations.

Question Marks: As a grayshirt, he's not necessarily locked into Kansas.  Daniel could recieve some late interest or decide on a different direction between now and a year from now so we might have to wait and see on this one.


Ben Goodman - DE - 6'3" 225

Rivals Profile- 3*  ESPN Profile  3*  Scout Profile- 3*

Committed:  12/5/10


Breakdown:  Ben Goodman committed shortly after teammate Collin Garrett did back in December.  Both then came in on a visit and confirmed what they had already believed, that being that Kansas is where they wanted to be.  Goodman is a player with good size, quickness and most likely has the ability to carry a much heavier frame in the future.  There has even been some suggestion that at some point he could be a candidate to move inside much like what we've seen happen with Kevin Young.  That said he had offers from Cal, Houston and several other solid programs at end so it's a good pickup for the Jayhawks at a position of need.

Question Marks:  Goodman is another one of those players with the word potential attached to him.  His technique and understanding of the game are areas where many think he has the ability to improve substantially and if he does that he has the physical tools to make a difference.


Michael Reynolds - DE - 6'4" 220

Rivals Profile- 3*  ESPN Profile- 3*  Scout Profile- 3*

Committed: 1/21/11


Breakdown:  Reynolds is a fairly hyped but very late on the scene recruit due to the position he plays and where he comes from.  Kansas fans seem to like Kansas players when they stay in state.  Reynolds was heavily recruited late by TCU, Oklahoma State and of course he chose the Jayhawks.  He has good length, very good speed off the edge and Reynolds is an athlete plain and simple.  He's a guy that can be disruptive from the end spot for Kansas going forward once he has a chance to develop.  That might take a year or two or even three, but when TCU and Oklahoma State are sniffing around in your backyard it's good to have paid better attention early.  Hats off to coach Wimberly for that. 

Question Marks: Is he a legit 6'4", some are saying 6'2".  How much weight can he add and does raw talent turn to a more polished finished product.  Either way it's a position the Jayhawks needed to focus on and with three ends in the class they've done that.