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Kansas Jayhawk Football Signing Day 2011: Quarterbacks

As the saying goes, nothing is over until the ink is dry.  Today the ink dries, as long as everyone can find a fax in the middle of this snowstorm that is.  Today is National Signing Day 2010 and Rock Chalk Talk will be bringing a breakdown of the 2011 Kansas Jayhawk  football recruiting class all day long.  We'll be bringing you profiles, tapes, quotes and interviews for as many recruits as we could track down.

More than anything please feel free to use these as your place to discuss the recruits, the class, Kansas football, and signing day 2011.  This is a great day, a fun day and coming off a 3-9 season Coach Gill and company have done a nice job of putting together a very solid class and one that should bring a lot of excitement to a fanbase needing it. 

The fax machines get going early and so will we.  Feel free to check Warden's recruit map that was posted at midnight and will be bumped to the top at the close of the day.  We're expecting a possible defensive tackle announcement from Terry Redden at 9AM and keep tabs throughout the day with our scheduled position breakdowns.  Here's a quick rundown of today's schedule:

  • QB's 7:30AM (CST)
  • RB's 8:15AM (CST)
  • WR's/TE's 9AM (CST)
  • Offensive Line 9:30AM (CST)
  • Defensive Line10:30AM (CST)
  • Linebackers 11:15AM (CST)
  • Defensive Backfield 12PM (CST)
  • Specialists 12:45PM (CST)

I'll be adding to the posts as needed but basically there you have it, once again jump in with your thoughts, questions and observations from the day and let's kick things off in the backfield with the most important postition on the field, quarterback.

Brock Berglund - 6'4" 215, 4.6 40 Time

Rivals Profile - 3*   ESPN Profile - 4*   Scout Profile - 3*

Breakdown: Berglund is viewed as a mobile quarterback with good size and the tools to be a very solid player at the position if he develops during his time at Kansas.  One of the biggest benefits for Berglund and Kansas is the fact that he is on campus NOW.  Berglund signed with Kansas and joined the Jayhawks in January in order to participate in spring practice.  Throw in the fact that his high school ran an offense almost identical to that of Chuck Long and the pieces are there for him to be the quarterback of the future and perhaps the very near future for Kansas.

Question Marks: The biggest question with ANY quarterback is how does their game and ability translate to the next level.  Berglund has all the physical tools but some players at the position just get it i.e. Todd Reesing.   Others don't.  It's about what's between the ears, the intangibles and can Berglunds decision making and understanding of the offense reach the point where his arm and legs can help Kansas win football games.



Michael Cummings - 6' 200, 4.6 40 time

Rivals Profile - 3*  ESPN Profile - 3*  Scout Profile - 3*

Breakdown: Cummings is a slightly forgotten prospect first off because he was injured during his senior season and had major knee surgery and secondly because of the fanfare that Berglund received.  At the same time there were plenty that were excited about his addition to the team when his commitment came in last summer.  Cummings brings very good speed, a solid arm and as is the case with those from Texas Cummings has the added benefit of experience against top level talent.  That has served quite a few players well over the years and with better measurables in terms of height and a full senior season, Cummings is likely more sought after.

Question Marks: Besides the same question mentioned in Berglund's section, the other big one with Cummings might be in how he recovers from injury.  Cummings was scheduled for surgery a few weeks back and it's tough to tell when he'll be 100% and ready to compete for the job.  Cummings might be a good redshirt candidate and a player who can provide competition a year out from now but don't underestimate his ability to compete whenever the time does arrive.