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Kansas Jayhawk News and Notes 2.14.11

ESPN's promo for tonight's game

Kansas Basketball

Purple passion: Bramlage sure to be rockin’ tonight for Sunflower Showdown |
Get ready for the best 80's dance party in the state of Kansas tonight as the Octagon of Mild Inconvenience ready for their annual visit from the Jayhawks. How many have we lost here? Just one?

Who's No. 1? Good question |
Keegan tackles the question that's been on everyone's mind since Saturday

KU’s Withey working, eating hard |
I wish I could be on the Jeff Withey diet

KU bench picks up pace in win |
It's becoming a different face every game and that's a good thing to see

Kevin Haskin: KU won't be judgmental |
Kansas players talk a little about the struggles at Kansas State

Tully Corcoran: Morningstar indispensable |
Brady has redeemed himself a great deal of late and if he continues to play at this level it's going to be big for Kansas

Big 12

Big 12 teams hitting massive road blocks; main difference between KU, K-State: post men | Conference chatter
Keeping up with the conference

College Basketball

The inevitable debate: Who deserves No.1 ranking? -
A lot of this going around today.

Ohio State's Jared Sullinger says Wisconsin fans spit on him - The Dagger - NCAAB  - Yahoo! Sports
If you're going to rush the court, do it in celebration and not spite. However, don't let this influence anything and I hope it doesn't get out of control with the media. College kids are generally pretty dumb, don't let one thing write the narrative on court storms.