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Turner Gill And Kansas Football Host Recruits At Junior Day

UPDATE: Had a quick conversation Ondre Pipkins.  He says Kansas is definitely in the mix. Auburn, Alabama, Oregon, Kansas, Missouri and Michigan State are his favorites with Kansas, Mizzou and Michigan State being the three from that group that have offered already.  As for the question why Kansas?

Kansas most definitely has a chance because I like what coach Gill is about as a person and as a coach.

UPDATE: Jayhawkslant reporting that longsnapper Tanner Gibas has signed with the Jayhawks.  Apparently Gibas records NFL caliber snap times.  Hopefully this is just another step in improving the special teams next year.

Coach Gill and the Kansas football staff welcomed their second group of juniors to town during the 2nd of what will be three junior day events this winter.  While the first group was relatively small, the group in for the Kansas vs. Iowa State football game was a good sized group covering both local and out of state players. 

Lee's Summit quarterback Luke Knott was one of the local players in attendance and he talked a little about what junior day entails.

Well this was my second time visiting, but the first time I've taken a tour of the whole football complex. I got to see the weight room, meeting rooms and it was really a top notch facility. Then we met with our recruiting coach and position coach. And Lastly, we went and enjoyed a KU basketball game.

On meetings with the recruiting coaches and position coaches

With the recruiting coaches, we discussed how to become an eligible player, and what it will take to play at KU. Then when I talked to coach Long it was mainly about the offense and what system they run at KU

On Chuck Long's approach on offense and if a running quarterback is what they're after

They prefer a balanced spread and up tempo offense which I really like, but he(coach Long) said he will adjust the offense to what type of players he has. 

They said if you can run that's just an extra thing you bring to the table and they would run more QB run plays ,but it wasn't a must have.

On the staff's approach with limited scholarships

They have a small recruiting class this year but that didn't affect me. They want to see a lot of the recruits in camp to really get a good evaluation.  I already have an offer from ISU, so I am not going to go to many camps. Probably only 2 camps, but one will be KU. 

I don't have an offer from Kansas yet, but they seem really interested. I think if I perform well at their camp my chances could get a lot better

On junior day attendance

There were close to 30 kids, they were mostly from the Big 12 South states like Texas and Oklahoma.

In addition to Knott, a few of the highlighted visitors according to Jon Kirby at include:

6'3" 325, Park Hill DT - Ondre Pipkins

6'5" 290, St. Louis DT - Edmund Ray

Rockhurst LB and current Nebraska Commit - Michael Rose

6'5" 214, KC Schlagle DE - Vernon Vaughn

Norman OK RB - Donovan Roberts

Lincoln Nebraska QB - Tavarius Bender

6'3" 275, Texas OL - Boone Feldt

6'3" 275, Texas OL - Garrett Adcock

It's a snapshot of some of the more notable players in attendance but it could give a few clues to the direction the Kansas staff is looking to go with the small class at hand.