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Kansas Jayhawk Players Want No. 1 Ranking

Depending on who you talk to or listen to there are three teams in the conversation for the top ranking when the new polls are released on Monday.  Traditional logic says it's the Jayhawks.  Many have pointed to the Texas win over Kansas as an argument in favor of the Longhorns.  And still some believe that Ohio State deserves the nod with their sole loss coming this weekend on the road to a tough Wisconsin Badger team.

While the Kansas players don't have a vote, it's pretty clear what they all want.  Marcus Morris and Tyshawn Taylor talked about the possibility of being number one following the Jayhawk win over Iowa State and all indications are that they want the target on their back that comes with being #1.

"I want to be ranked number one. I want to have that chip on our shoulder every time we go out. I want to get everybody's best shot because I think we can take it. T-Rob (Thomas Robinson) did go out, but we have other guys that can step up and I want that chip on our shoulders."

If we're number one I don't think we're going to be feeling ourselves. I think it means we need to play harder. I feel like we're ready. I feel like we're guarding better. I feel like we're practicing harder. I just think we're ready."

- Marcus Morris

"I think last year we took it for granted. We came out and thought we were going to win every game. I think being with guys who went through that and know how that team was last year and know how it feels to lose and it being over that fast. I feel like we won't let that happen. We don't want to feel that again. When it comes down to it this year, we aren't going home sad."

- Tyshawn Taylor

It's a swagger and a confidence that seems different from last years sometimes quiet, businesslike team.  With Sherron the clear leader, the top ranked Jayhawks a year ago didn't seem to have that chip on the shoulder anger often enough. 

This year that mentality seems to come through starting with the Morris twins.  While at times it comes off as chippy , it's a tough "us against them" type approach  that makes it feel like this Kansas team might be coming together as a team at just the right time.