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Setting The Table For Kansas Football Recruiting In 2012

The 2011 football recruiting class just hit the books and Turner Gill and his staff delivered on a large class with what looks to be some solid talent.  Kansas signed players from 11 states, 27 to scholarships and even added a pair of walk-ons including the most recent addition of Rockhurst offensive lineman Cooper Kerns.  Kansas still has one offer on the table and that is for a long snapper who is set to visit this weekend with a decision coming shortly thereafter. 

Once that final scholarship offer is either used or carried over, the table is set temporarily for 2012.  I use the phrase temporarily because this is an 85 man roster and anytime you have that many people there are bound to be changes.  Those changes can come in many forms but as we saw this year with a handful of players, sometimes change is necessary. 

For now though we'll assume what we have is what we'll have and take a quick glance at what Turner Gill and his staff have to work with as they hit the recruiting trail for 2012.

Division 1 college football sets the scholarship limit at 85.  Roster limit is set at 105 which is where players like Malcolm Walker and Cooper Kerns fit in and having the ability to add those types of players to your roster is huge.  But in all reality when coaches are out recruiting they have 85 spots to fill.  

Kansas scholarship situation headed into spring breaks out as follows:

FR: 26     RSFR: 14     SO: 19     JR: 14     SR: 11

Total: 84 (with 1 spot left if the longsnapper takes it)

The senior class is comprised of the following players/positions:

Isiah Barfield - CB     Tim Biere - TE     Anthony Davis - CB     Pat Dorsey - DT     Richard Johnson - DT    

Jeremiah Hatch - C     Steven Johnson - LB     Rell Lewis - RB     Quinn Mecham - QB     Daymond Patterson - WR

AJ Steward - UT


Kansas already has a grayshirt commitment at the tight end position in Brandon Olson.  That leaves 10 spots at the most conservative level, but in all reality that number is likely to change and increase.  But with 10 spots in mind what are the top priorities?


The staff values the position, at this exact moment the staff doesn't have the "answer" at the position and Kansas will continue to recruit competition at this position.

Defensive End

Outside in philosophy and there is already an offer on the table for a high profile end out of Wichita in Trace Clark.

Defensive Tackle

Turner Gill can talk outside in all he wants but we're losing two at the position and based on the fact that we were still heavily recruiting two down to the wire this year, one would think we'll look to the position next year.

Offensive Line 

It's a position should consistently be recruited.  The numbers were extraordinarily high a year ago in order to play catchup but this is a spot that you expect to be a continue priority.


If you think recruiting speed was a one year thing for coach Gill you clearly haven't been listening.  Athletes and speed are going to on the agenda in some form whether it's WR/DB or RB.  One would think RB might not be as high on the priority list next year but it all depends on what's out there. 


If I'm filling 10 knowing only what we know today I'll go:

QB - 1     OL - 3     DL/DE - 3     DB - 1     WR - 1     LB - 1    

I'm guessing we end up in the 13-16 range when it's all said and done.  No inside knowledge, but things can and do change.  Thoughts?