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National Signing Day Coverage

Tomorrow is as many of you know National signing day.  What that means is it's the first day that all those "committed" football recruits can actually put pen to paper and make it official.  Across the country they'll be mini celebrations, press conferences and fax machines buzzing as high school players and college coaches wrap up the class.

Obviously it's been a pretty successful year on the recruiting trail for Turner Gill.  Considering the 3-9 season and the disasterous manner in which it often seemed to occur, the fanbase was in need of something positive in a big way.  This class seems to have the potential to do that. 

Ultimately it's a group that will have to prove it on the field and a group that Turner Gill has as a foundation for his time in Lawrence.  Succeed in developing this group and adding future pieces to it and Turner Gill could begin to turn a corner for Kansas.  If four seasons from now we're still sitting at 3-9 and the promise that this group shows isn't realized to some extent then it might be back to the drawing board.

One thing is for certain though and that is the fact that most see the potential when looking at this class.  It's deep, it addresses need and begins to change the makeup of Kansas as a program. 

Tomorrow for signing day here at RCT we'll run through the players, post some highlight video's, link to any pertinent information and open things up for whatever discussion the day brings.  In some parts of the country tomorrow is as big a day as the first kickoff of the year.  It'd be nice to see Kansas get to that point and the coverage across the internet is moving in that direction. 

Perhaps a surprise or two await, or maybe tomorrow will be straight forward and predictable as it was a year ago.  We'll find out soon enough.